Identifying auto parts, like labels for batteries, tires and valves, is important to track quality control and comply with the automotive industry. Ask us about custom labels and tags, and leading-edge peripherals for parts marking.


With the GHS and BS5609 regulations the information on labels must remain legible throughout manufacturing, distribution, use and storage. Call us about custom chemical drum and container labels identifying high resistance to chemicals, heat, water, and abrasion. Ensure your workers know how to handle hazardous substances safely with our industrial peripherals.

Durable goods

Labels for industrial equipment or appliances, heating and cooling equipment, power tools, outdoor equipment (lawn mowers, air conditioners), small motors, compressors or generators and consumer goods need to perform in harsh environments. Call us about UL recognized label solutions.


We specialize in specimen, laboratory (including oncology, dialysis, hematology, emergency and intensive care), pharmacy, admissions, archival, radiology, nutritional and washable labels. We’ve also created a file request ticket and a washable bracelet label with our software partner Ominitech labs. Call us for your preprinted laboratory and asset tracking labels and your disinfectant ready peripheral.


We can show you how to create compliance labels for shipping and pallets, and track your materials from receiving inventory and storing, to moving and shipping. The labels can tolerate exposure to different environments from rough handling and dust, to cold, heat and moisture. Call us to accelerate the speed of your goods moving through the supply chain.


Outdoor labels and signs must stand up to rain, snow, the effects of UV rays and other environmental conditions. Call us for your personalized labels.


Fresh produce, including dried fruits, nuts, and baked goods are affected by the Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI). The food industry is recommending that food products be tracked for safety and efficiency. Labels and tags for crates must be durable, scratch and smudge resistant as well as stand up to outdoor elements. Call us about personalizing your nutritional value labels for food containers.


Your price labels are important for tracking and managing your inventory and are exposed to handling by your end users. We offer several sizes of labels and hangtags specifically for bakeries, health food items, home and garden equipment, sporting goods, craft supplies and clothing.

We have a wide selection of leading edge<br>peripherals for you!

We have a wide selection of leading edge
peripherals for you!

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